Principles & Practice

There is a Power within us We can Access and utilize to Create the life we Desire, by first taking a look at How we are in Relationship to our Minds, our Bodies, our Nature and Each Other.

Integrating these aspect of the Body-Mind allows us to be more Conscious of our Thoughts, our Feelings, and our Emotions. We can then clearly Focus to take specific Actions that Creates a Union between the two forces.

When I am having fun, when I am moving my body in an Intentional way I am in every moment, Present, Aware and Focused.

Training Program

Focus, Fitness & Fun is a Unique service Cultivating; Three Dynamic aspects of our Being. All of which integrate Wisdom with Play.  These three aspects are Essential for our Young Adults Developing and Preparing to Stand Up into their Fullness of Who they truly are and Live Authentically from a place of Centered Peace.


Kauai is the Heart of Mother Earth. It is here that I have felt her heart beat and also felt the deeper depths of my own.

Standing on the peaks of Kalalau we can feel the Power, the Prana, the Chi, the Life Force Energy Emanating from Her Core.
In Her Nature we Remember who we are!

She Calls to You! Come feel you Heart Beat. Feel Your Song!

The Pulse, The Power, the Light!


“Our Emotions are very powerful and they can influence the way we live our life. When we feel resistance or blocks its important to remember to feel them completely and not push them away, yet also make sure not to get stuck there. We have been given a great tool to help us. It’s the Breath! Ingenious really! Often we hold or contract in the feelings of fear or resistance.

Resistance isn’t so much about what you are turning away from, but more importantly what you are turning towards. In each moment we have the choice to live in Love or Fear. Its very simple.
We can Consciously Co-Create with Each Breath. Inhale with Gratitude the vision of your Dream. Exhale with Gratitude the Feeling of Living Your Dream! We create our reality breath by breath as We Be in Each Moment Present!

Let’s take the Next Step and Discover our Hearts Greatest Joy, Feel it and Let it Bloom!

It is a great power to Be Inspired and Living on Purpose! When we do so we affect all others around us!

Let’s Remember Who You Are and Let Your Light Shine!
Boom~Beam with The F3 YourSelf Team!”


Now it's Time to take the Next Step... Discovery your Hearts Joy!

Nourish Your Destiny!

& Create a New Reality

Powered with the Passion of Your Dreams!

Join the Focus Fitness and Fun Team!

That's where I will be... Being all that I am!

Join me in Mother Natures's Play Ground:

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