She has discovered a unique Mix of Effective and Proven tools, Transforming her Own Life though a Magical Journey into the Depths of her Heart and Back out.

She has found many Treasures to share with You!

Hailey Dawn Experience Includes:

  • Elite Level Gymnast & Trampolinist. Collage Runner & Swimmer.
  • Practicing Yoga for 18 years, developing her I am Earth Yoga Flow Series.
  • Trainer With cirque du Soleil in Montreal Canada.
  • Degree: Family consumer Science & outdoor Education From Idaho State University
  • Attended Acupuncture School at Yo san University focusing on the Chi Program.
  • Practicing massage for 5 years. Attended the institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing.
  • Practicing Tai Chi & Gong for 6 Years
  • Trainer with The Source School of Tantra.
  • Traveled to India to study Nirvana Yoga and Pranayama.
  • Lived in Thailand at the Tao Garden and studied with Mantak Chia, cultivating Taoist practices with sexual energy, Taoist Inner Alchemy: Healing Sounds, Inner Fusion & Iron Shirt.
  • KAP. Kundilini Awakening process level 1
  • Taught at the private muse school in Malibu: Developing a movement curriculum.
  • Author of a Five Part Childrens’ series called “I Am Earth”.
  • Developed her F3 Curriculum sharing with young women on the relationship with their mind, body and nature. Fitness being by product.
  • Hailey Dawn Brings Joy, Laughter, and Fun and Focused Intention to Life! Enjoy the Journey!



When I am having fun, when I am moving my body in a intentional way I am in every moment, present, aware and focused. Integrating these aspect of the body mind allows us to be more conscious of our thoughts, our feeling, our emotions and can then clearly focus to take specific action that creates a union between the two forces. This is a power within us we can access and utilize to create the life we desire, by first taking a look at how we are in relationship to our minds, our bodies, our nature and each other.

Relationship to Mind

Intention, Breath, Meditation & the Dance


Vision Boards & Affirmations


Creates a Space for Centered Peace


Chakras, Toning, Nature, Qualities

The Dance

Giving & Receiving

Relationship to Body
Nutrition, Exercise, & Restoration

What is Health?
How you fuel your Body


What is Fitness?
Toning, Stretching, Cardio


What is Balance?
Qi Cultivation & Yoga

Relationship to Nature

Move, Explore, & Dig Deep

Let’s Move

Mother Natures Playground is waiting for You!

Let’s Explore

“I AM EARTH” Adventures Interactive Games & Team Building

Let’s Dig deep

Survival Kit-Weather
Thrival kit-Life of change
Preparedness & Leave no trace
Appreciation for Plant Life
Pic-a-Nicks & Camping


Now it's Time to take the Next Step... Discovery your Hearts Joy!

Nourish Your Destiny!

& Create a New Reality

Powered with the Passion of Your Dreams!

Join the Focus Fitness and Fun Team!

That's where I will be... Being all that I am!

Join me in Mother Natures's Play Ground:

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