We Unlearn to Re-member the Wisdom within our hearts by connecting to Mother’s Nature. We integrate the qualities of nature, stimulating the Body, Mind as well as the Soul. We Focus our Intention. We Listen to our breath, be still, dance, tone, strech, and restore our beings.  We learn to play again, laugh, be silly, get creative, and make friends. We notice the sun-rise, sun-sets and the cycles of the moon.

We feel the Earth on our hands and the sand between our toes. We smell the Sweet Essence of a Rose it is in these moments we Find Joy in Being!

We take Adventures and Discover more about who we are in relationship to the world. We make decisions from that centered peace the place of grounded knowing.

Let’s Jump In!

Focus on the relationship one has with the mind. Focus includes attention to Intention, Breath and Meditation. We explore the dynamics of giving and receiving in relationships. We develop a centered Peace and learn to act from this place. We listen to our hearts wisdom and act in alignment with these knowings. We then learn how to Ground the Focus in Active Movement.

Fitness focuses on our relationship to ones body. Includes attention to Nutrition, Exercise and Restoration. With fitness being a by-product of loving moving ones body and having fun in nature. Our bodies become an outer expression of our inner being. As we cultivate deeper aspects and dynamics that inspire us to move, be healthy and live vibrantly from our core.

Fun is about our relationship to Nature. We meet in Natures playground. We move through fun activities, we explore through interactive games connected to the elements of nature. We dig deep and go into the aspects of survival, weather, preparedness, leave no trace, and appreciation for plant life and fun gatherings like pic-a-nicks and camping outings.

Private and Small Group Focus, Fitness & Fun Sessions are set up on a weekly basis to integrate the qualities that cultivate a greater awareness to our Mind~Body Relationships in Nature and Each Other.
Weekend and Week Long Retreats are also available to discover the wisdom of the heart in relationship to Nature by integrating what we have learned in the Focus, Fitness and Fun program.
Young Adults will gain a sense of team work while learning how to be independent, yet a part of the greater whole.

I AM EARTH: Adventures provide young adults the chance to travel to a destination around the world with a group, I as your Tour Guide and Play Coach. We take the skills we’ve integrated within nature and set out to explore our nature and wisdom of our inner guidance living within our heart. Journeying together as young adults helps cultivate friendship, confidence, self-esteem that can’t be taught from a book or class room, but must be experienced. I am here with you the many stories and experince of venturing out on my own, listening to my inner guidance and finding unimaginable treasure along the way.

Let’s Begin a Journey into the Heart of our Nature!



Mantras,Pranyama & Meditation

Body Fitness:

Relationship with Food, Toning, Cardio, Yoga, & Massage!!!


Out-door Adventure, Qi Cultivatin & Healing Sounds


Hailey Dawn Armstrong Provides a space for greater

Connection to Ones Innate Intelligence & Inner Joy!

Clarifying Direction & Confidence in Ones Purpose.

Nurturing your Passion & Potential.

Inspiring your Creativity & Grounding your Vision into your Reality.

Transforming from the Inside Out!

Nourishing Your Destiny!

Focused Mind: Intention: What Brings Joy to Your Heart?

Fit Body: Design Aligned with your Hearts Joy for Greatest Satisfaction in life

Fun in Nature: Adventures Where play & Wisdom Meet.


Now it's Time to take the Next Step... Discovery your Hearts Joy!

Nourish Your Destiny!

& Create a New Reality

Powered with the Passion of Your Dreams!

Join the Focus Fitness and Fun Team!

That's where I will be... Being all that I am!

Join me in Mother Natures's Play Ground:

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